IDEA - Interferometric Data Evaluation Algorithms

Software for Fringe Analysis and Phase Data Reduction


For one and a half decade software for interferometric fringe evaluation has been developed and used at Technical University Graz throughout a number of diploma- and PhD-thesis. Within the framework of program Y-57 TEC, funded by the Austrian Science Foundation and the Austrian Ministry for Science and Traffic these Software packages on interferometric fringe evaluation had been subsumed under Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP and are now made accessible through these web pages.


This Software focuses on subfringe analysis techniques (Carrier Fourier and Phase Shift Analysis including phase unwrapping) and on special subroutines for the evaluation of path integrated data (including various types of Abel-inversion and tomographic algorithms).

Additionally, a number of tools for data handling, including multiple file operations, filtering and flexible visualisation of data had been included.

This software can be distributed freely (please read the licence agreement) and comes with a manual in Postscript fomat.

For our information and due to our responsibilities to our govermental funding agency, we kindly ask you to fill out the registry form before downloading the exetuable IDEA file.  ALL INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE IS FOR OURS AND OURS FUNDING AGENCIES INFORMATION ONLY AND WILL NOT BE MADE ACCESSIBLE TO ANY THIRD PARTY THROUGH US. WE ALSO MAY USE THIS INFORMATION TO PROVIDE YOU WITH ACTUAL INFORMTION ON NEW RELEASES OR WORKSHOPS ON IDEA.


Some Microsoft Windows installations (e.g.95,98) provide an older version of ctl3d32.dll than required by IDEA. If so, an error message occurs after starting IDEA. Please, update to a newer version of ctl3d32.dll.



Please do not hesitate to contact us and point out where we could do better.

We also wish to stress that this software was developed by diploma- and PhD-students throughout their course of studies, funded by governmental funding organisations in basic and applied technical sciences and mechanical engineering. If you are a company or research organisation interested in young men or women experienced in the development of complex software products for experimental data evaluation, please feel free to contact us.



M.Hipp, J.Woisetschlaeger, P.Reiterer, T.Neger (2004) Digital evaluation of interferograms, Measurement, Elsevier, 36:53-66

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